What is the difference between nylon zippers and plastic zippers?
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This distinction is still more, but not limited to the following points: 

1. Material differentiation: 

Nylon zipper is made of polyester fiber material (polyester), both cloth tape, rice teeth and stitches are polyester fiber. 

Plastic zipper, professional point, is actually a resin zipper, the name Resion, plastic granulation, injection molding 

2, production method: 

Nylon zipper is polyester coarse silk spiral molding, by sewing the rice teeth and cloth suture together 

Plastic zipper is polyester material particles melted at high temperature, through the injection molding machine to the rice teeth injection into the cloth to become zipper. 

3. Differences in scope of application and physical indicators: 

Nylon zipper rice teeth tight bite, soft and high strength, bending resistance of more than 90 degrees and strength is not affected, generally used in bags, tents, parachutes and other withstand strong tension, often bending occasions, high pull times, wear, widely used. 

Plastic zippers are smoother and smooth, and are generally used in occasions where the strength and bending requirements are not too high.

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