Operation Process of Computer Bag Making Machine
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Preparations Before Starting the Computer Bag Making Machine.

Roll the film according to the requirements of the production notice. Enter the relevant data for bag making and the required quantity per bale. Select the pattern edge with large color difference and adjust the light sensitivity to meet the requirements.

Computer Bag Making Machine.

How To Start:

Adjust the left and right pressure rollers to align the left and right films, and adjust the front and rear pressure rollers to align the pattern. Preliminarily adjust the machine speed, take out the sample bag that has been flattened once for preliminary inspection, and if it does not meet the specified requirements, take out the sample bag that has been flattened once for heat sealing value testing. Sort out the produced bags and select bags with quality defects (such as folding, tunnel, flower width, knife line, weak heat sealing, four sealing, etc.). ) and tie as required. It will be inspected by the machine quality inspector. After passing the inspection, the certificate will be stamped and sent to the quality inspection room for random inspection.

zipper bag making machine.

How to Stop:

Disconnect the main power switch of the computer bag making machine, and then disconnect the power switches of each part. Machine hygiene and site hygiene are cleaned and the product is sent to the general inspection room. Keep a good record of duty, which is required to be accurate and clean.


Heat Sealing and Heat Cutting Bag Making Machine.

For Packing:



The machine staff will sort out the products during this process, select unqualified products with quality defects, bundle the qualified products, and hand them over to the machine quality inspector for inspection.



The quality inspector of the machine should inspect the quantity and quality one by one. After the quantity and quality are all qualified, pack them according to the requirements and put them in the packing list; the selected unqualified products are placed in the carton with the “unqualified” mark.

The machine staff will send the products on duty to the appearance quality inspection room.The quality inspector shall conduct random inspection on the products submitted for inspection according to the specified proportion, and pack them into storage after passing the inspection.

Scientific Development and Technological Innovation of Computer Bag Making Machine.

Foreign plastic bag making machines have developed rapidly. Technology has come a long way since the 1990s. In addition to various auxiliary functions, production speed and high efficiency are also important aspects, especially in the electrical field. Microelectronics technology is widely used, so machine performance has indeed improved a lot, which is the development direction.


If the stepper motor is used to directly drive the rubber roller to do intermittent reciprocating motion, the number of pulses is controlled by the circuit to control the working time of the motor. Fixed length films can be delivered with small errors, so a set of cranks and connecting rod mechanisms can be omitted, the length can be easily adjusted, and electromagnetic clutches, brakes or overrunning clutches and complex and expensive electronic control systems can be omitted. This way, bag length and other operational items can be easily set on the control panel via the dial. The main motor drives the main shaft of the transmission part to rotate, and there is a special cam (optical port) on the main shaft, which can provide signals such as start and stop of the stepping motor. When the computer bag making machine completes the bag making action (sealing, cutting, conveying, color matching, etc.) to coordinate work according to various set requirements.


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