Operation of Zipper Bag Making Machine
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zipper bag making machine Operating 


Preparation before starting: No-load trial operation.

Check, listen and see the operation of the equipment, add lubricating oil in time, check the film width and film weight, and set the cutting length, temperature and quantity of each bundle according to the process requirements.

Zipper Bag Making Machine:

Start the zipper bag making machine program when the temperature reaches the set value.Start the equipment at low speed.Start the fan according to the cutting length: check the length of the bag.Check the ironing conditions: do the air pressure test, test the firmness of the bottom surface, and adjust the temperature in time. When the bottom line of ironing is 1cm-2.5cm, starting from the bottom of the bag, and when all the indicators meet the process requirements, gradually adjust the line speed to high speed.


Zipper Bag Making Machine Shutdown Scheme:

Press the stop button or the operation panel to stop the module. When shutting down for a long time, the temperature control switch of the sealing knife should be turned off, and the main power supply should be turned off. The operator should be familiar with the mechanical properties, have a clear understanding of the host’s unwinding, cutting, expansion force, and bag making process, and master the process from film threading, hot edge bag making to edge pressing, cooling, finished product shipment, and automatic counting output and order.

Computer Bag Making Machine:

Turn on the power supply of the zipper bag making machine and install the roll film. The film goes through unwinding, stretching, stretching pendulum rod to the hot edge, hot water and cold pressing edge ring in turn, and then lift the wire drawing rod of the unwinding part. Press the “Membrane Expansion” button on the front and back of the heater to control the front and back of the membrane into the membrane. Turn on the heater power, adjust the EPC and photoelectric head, switch to automatic after normal operation, and set the bag length to 6.

Heat Sealing and Heat Cutting Bag Making Machine:

For example, a zipper bag making machine for color bags, select the print bag button “Measure 2” on the CRE to measure the actual bag length. Set the hot edge time, acceleration time, and edge pressing cooling waiting time after hot edge trimming, and adjust the mechanical operation state during the bag making process. After power-on, take out the sample bag and check the heat-sealing strength, the position of the incision, and the overlap of the prints. It is forbidden and unauthorized to change the setting data of the counter, and adjust the high and low position of the photoelectric connector.


The zipper bag making machine can arbitrarily adjust the cam connection device. Tool adjustment is prohibited when the machine is started. When carrying the bag, keep away from poles and cutters. Do not adjust the clearance of the clutch, gear and rack by yourself. After a shutdown, the operator needs to clean and maintain the machine.



Classification and Use of Plastic Bags Produced by Zipper Bag Making Machine:


Types of Plastic Bags.

High pressure polyethylene bags,Polypropylene plastic bagsPolyvinyl chloride plastic bags.

The Use of Plastic Bags.


For High-pressure polyethylene plastic bags:

Food packaging: cakes, tea, etc.;Fiber packaging: shirts, clothing, chemical fiber products;Daily chemical product packaging.

For Low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags:

Garbage bags, convenience bags, shopping bags, vest bags;Fresh-keeping bags;Woven bag inner bags;

For Polypropylene plastic bags:

Mainly used for packaging textiles, shirts, etc.

Uses of PVC Plastic Bags:

Gift bags;Cosmetic packaging bags;Document bags and information bags (zipper type).


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