Signal setting of zipper bag making machine
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Statistics of input signal of zipper bag making machine.

When the color code sensor is used to detect the label, the color code printed on the packaging bag is different, so it can be opened and hidden. Whether it is on or off, the PLC needs to make an interrupt response when detecting the color mark signal, so it is necessary to connect the light and dark switch of the color mark sensor to the PLC.

Color code signal of zipper bag making machine:

2 points; low level signal: 1 point; high level/feed signal: 1 point, a total of 4 points Di signal. Output signal statistics. Pulse output (pulse + sign): 2 points (yo, Y1); cutter action: 1 point; punching action: 1 point; buzzer: 1 point; a total of 5 do signals.

Zipper bag making machine

Other features of zipper bag making machine.

Can output pulses greater than the frequency required by the system (95541pps); 2 external interrupt responses. Based on the above considerations, PLC selects dvp-20eho0t, the specific functional parameters are: 200kps pulse output, 8 external interrupt responses. At the same time, RS485 can communicate with man-machine interface, and its anti-interference ability is better than RS232. HMI chooses Delta dop-a57gstd cost-effective touch screen.

Computer bag making machine

It can be seen that most of the operations of the zipper bag making machine are carried out on the man-machine interface, which reduces the use of indicator lights and only retains necessary equipment such as emergency stop buttons. The logic sequence control is adopted, and the programming is as follows: Floating point operation is used. In order to reduce the calculation error, the calculation of important data such as deviation pulse number, the calculation error is less than 0.001mm.

Heat sealing and heat cutting bag making machine

The zipper bag making machine adopts the dplsr adjustable acceleration and deceleration pulse output command to modify and verify the rationality of the starting frequency and acceleration and deceleration time settings. After completing the bag length pulse, enable color code detection and ignore color code error detection in the middle of the bag. When a color code is detected, an interrupt routine is executed to set m1334 to stop CHO pulse output.

You can turn the lights on when you interrupt, or dim them when you interrupt. In order to reduce the impact of the interrupt on the scan cycle, the content of the interrupt program should be simplified. The performance of the zipper bag making machine has reached the original design goal (the bag making speed is 60 pieces/min when the bag length is 1000mm), but the PLC pulse output frequency still has a large margin.

The rubber pendulum with a standard diameter of 100mm of the zipper bag making machine can further improve the margin of the PLC pulse output frequency under the premise of ensuring the control accuracy. The above favorable factors are that the F bag making machine increases the processing speed. In the secondary development, the reduction ratio is increased to 1:3, which will break through the speed limit bottleneck of the servo load and improve the production efficiency.


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