The Use of Zipper Bag Making Machine
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The zipper bag making machine plastics we usually use are not pure materials, they are made of many materials. In addition, in order to improve the performance of zipper bag making machine plastic, fillers, stabilizers and colorants should be added to the polymer to make it an excellent plastic.

In zipper bag making machine, Synthetic resin is the main component of plastic, due to its high content, and the properties of the resin often determine the properties of the plastic, for example, PVC resin is confused with PVC plastic, and phenolic resin is confused with phenolic plastic. In fact, they are two different concepts.

Zipper bag making machine

Resin is a polymer raw material, which is not only used to make plastics, but also raw materials for coatings, adhesives and synthetic fibers. In addition to most plastics, there is also a small percentage of resins. Fillers, also known as fillers, can improve the strength and heat resistance of plastics and reduce costs. For example, the addition of wood flour can greatly reduce the cost of phenolic resin, making it one of the cheapest plastics and significantly improve its mechanical strength.

Computer bag making machine

The filler of the zipper bag making machine is the former such as wood powder and various fabric fibers, and the latter such as glass fiber, asbestos, carbon black, etc. Plasticizers increase the brittleness of plastics, making them easier to process. Plasticizers are usually high-boiling organic compounds, miscible with resins, non-toxic, tasteless, light and thermally stable, among which phthalates are commonly used.

Heat sealing and heat cutting bag making machine

For example, in the production of PVC plastics, if more plasticizers are added in the zipper bag making machine, soft PVC plastics can be obtained; while without adding or reducing plasticizers (amount

Stearates and colorants are commonly used in zipper bag making machines. Organic dyes and inorganic pigments are often used as colorants to prevent the plastic from sticking to the metal mold during the molding process, making the plastic surface smooth and beautiful. Commonly used lubricants are stearic acid and its calcium and magnesium salts. In addition to the above additives, flame retardants, foaming agents and antistatic agents can also be added to plastics to meet different requirements.

Features of zipper bag making machine:

Combining the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, the mechanical structure is compact and reasonable, the running noise is low, the color bag to white bag conversion, photoelectric detection, colorless time scale, mechanical automatic high-level parking alarm. This machine is highly automated. It is an ideal plastic bottom sealing and bag making machine.


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